Nooksack Valley Disposal Inc

Yard Waste and Food Scraps

Nooksack Valley Disposal & Recycling offers curbside collection of yard debris, compostable papers and food scraps. For more information or to sign up call us at (360) 354-3400.


We provide a 68 gallon wheeled cart for your convenience.


Collection is weekly within the city limits of Lynden

Every-other-week (EOW) in Everson, Nooksack and Sumas


Items Accepted

YARD DEBRIS - ALL compostable yard debris, including grass, weeds, leaves, branches and seasonal items (pumpkins, gourds, straw/hay, cornstalks, holiday greens).


COMPOSTABLE PAPERS - ALL food-soiled or compostable paper items including pizza boxes, frig/freezer/deli/to-go cartons, napkins, paper towels, plates, bowls and cups.


FOOD SCRAPS - ALL foods including fruit, vegetables, dairy, bakery products, meats, bones, seafood, fish and shells.